Nook lane science workshop 2019:
Sheffield Dental School,
Sheffield Hallam University and Twenty65

21 August 2019

On 28 June 2019, the lab joined forces with Dr Prachi Stafford at Sheffield Hallam University and delivered a multidisciplinary science workshop to the wonderful students of Year 6 at Nook Lane Junior School, Stannington, Sheffield. The students also performed real-world field tests on ‘wet-wipe’ products.

In the first section we discussed Antimicrobial Resistance, the importance of vaccination and some medical microbiology. The students were very knowledgeable and then engaged enthusiastically in the Medical Microbiology case diagnosis challenge.Case diagnoses included real Gram Stains, urine samples and agar plate analysis. Even the slightly disgusting pictures did not phase them; their enquiring minds and enthusiasm were a credit to their school.

In a second activity we showcased some of the EPSRC Twenty65 work to discuss the importance of what we flush down our toilets, or pour down sinks in the context of Fatbergs, FOGs and wet-wipes. The pupils then designed their own experimental protocol for testing wet-wipes and their likelihood of degradation or persistence in the sewage system and wider environment. Their scientific methods, enthusiasm and consideration of experimental issues were amazing! Funding for materials was provided by Twenty65.

Many thanks must got to Alice Seleiro, Ashley Gains, Katherine Ansbro, Alex Knowles and Dr Prachi Stafford. We hope to continue this relationship with the school and also would like to thank the wonderful teachers: Mrs Bullen, Mrs Bagnall, Mrs Parkin and Mr Chadbourne.