Professor Graham Stafford

I joined the Dental School in Sheffield in summer 2007, returning after an absence from Sheffield of nearly 10 years to take up a lecturership in microbiology. My BSc (1st class, honors) was gained from Sheffield in Microbiology and Biochemistry. After which I gained a PhD at the University of Warwick investigating the molecular mechanisms of methane oxidation in environmental bacteria.

In 2002 I joined the Department of Pathology at the University of Cambridge investigating various aspects of flagellar biogenesis in enteric bacteria. This allowed me to develop an interest in protein secretion and the molecular pathogenesis of disease causing bacteria.

My main interests lie in the molecular level understanding of microbes, microbial disease processes and exploitation of this knowledge for improvement of health or commercial translation. The main areas include research on periodontal pathogens, host-pathogen interactions, Industrial Biotechnology and Microbial glycobiology. I teach Medical and Oral Microbiology in the Dental School and across other departments at undergraduate and postgraduate level and also supervise a range of research projects at all levels.

I am proud to lead an interdisciplinary and international group and encourage anyone interested in fellowships or PhDs to contact me directly on